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Logo Easter Egg Challenge

Nice, you found the Easter Egg! Are you up for a more difficult challenge? Want a chance to win a free song recording? In the Goldsmith Audio logo above there are 11 "hidden" references, or "Easter Eggs". Each one relates to something that you will see in our studio, but not all of them are related to audio. Some are easy to find, others are VERY difficult. If you can find all 10 and tell how they are related to what's in the studio you will win a free song recording, including mixing and mastering!

Here are a few tips. Take the entire logo into account, there might be things hidden in places that you wouldn't expect. Think abstractly and look for symbols, imagine how things might look with different colors or slightly altered shapes. Keep in mind that some of the objects in the studio are related to what's in the logo but may not actually look the same. Watch out for red herrings! There may be more things in the logo that do not relate to what's in the studio and vice versa. Finally, follow us on social media, we might just drop a hint every now and then.